Google +1 Button is not working

Below are steps to follow along with google documentation at

1.. Use script code below (to load google plusone.js) instead of the one you’re currently using:

<script type="text/javascript" src="" >
 {parsetags: 'explicit'}

Using suggested code allows explicit parsing by PunchTab scripts and enable rewards points earning capability for +1 actions

2.. Replace g:plusone or g-plusone div elements with the following

<div class="punchtab-plusone"></div>

Any script tag parameters required can be included in the div. All script prameters must be preceded with “data-”
For example,

<div class="punchtab-plusone" data-size="tall"></div>

3. Remove any script lines “gapi.plusone.go()” if you already have one

Additional Details:
Please note that asynchronous loading of plusone.js is not supported at this time as Google does not provide any notification method when plusone.js finishes loading

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